Hi, I’m Priya, a psychotherapist specialising in trauma, teacher burnout and the impact of our childhoods. Though a southerner most of my life, I now live in Rossendale, Lancashire which is in the North West of the UK. Working remotely means I work with people all over the UK.

Are you career driven, hard working and always there for others? Do you find yourself feeling like you’re not doing enough, no matter how much you achieve? Do you find yourself over explaining, doubting your intentions and worrying about how you come across to others? You may be feeling alone, misunderstood by those closest to you and It can be exhausting to live like this. You can overcome this and get back on track. It’s okay to have a little help on the way.

I will listen, understand and really appreciate your situation. As someone who has had different counsellors and tried several types of therapy, I work in the way I believe is most effective. I can work with professionals (teachers, doctors, managers, etc) as well as retired or those unable to work. If you are willing to try, then I will be able to help.

It can be daunting to choose a counsellor and start sessions. You’ll be relieved after your first session and likely wish you had done it sooner! It’s worth having a free consultation call to see if you feel comfortable with me and I’d encourage you to speak to other counsellors too before you make a decision.

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Sessions cost £60 and last 60-75 minutes.

What People Say

"Priya is authentic, warm, accepting and perceptive - she makes an impact on all. Her passion for counselling and the values that underpin it on both a personal and professional level shine through and she makes it so much easier for people to relax and connect with others and themselves on a deeper level. She is funny, accepting, empathetic and respectful... and it is just so lovely to work with her again. I’d highly recommend Priya for your counselling needs... She is real, honest and insightful yet gentle and soothing with it. She will challenge you in all the right ways." 
CW, November 2020.

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Here’s some of the work I do to promote counselling and to campaign for teacher mental health.

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