Hi, I’m Priya, a psychotherapist specialising in trauma, teacher burnout and the impact of how we are parented. Though a southerner most of my life, I now live in Rossendale, Lancashire which is in the North West of the UK. Working remotely means I work with people all over the UK.

Our unmet needs in childhood need to be healed. Abuse, neglect, harsh discipline, lack of unconditional love – all of these hurt us deeply. The effects are real and far reaching.

I know first hand from personal and professional experience how our childhoods shape us; our ways of relating to others, how we see ourselves and our emotional resilience, is greatly affected by our early years.

Undoing these, making new neural pathways and resetting our nervous system is part of my counselling work.

My own therapy of 8 years was the most powerful experience in becoming a counsellor. I’ve witnessed first hand the way counselling changes lives and feel privileged being able to walk through the journey with others.

I am a qualified Integrative Psychotherapist trained to a high level, with an in depth knowledge of the key theories and schools of thought within the field of counselling. I work in accordance to the BACP (British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy) ethical framework and have supervision monthly to help monitor and improve my practice. 

You deserve to be happy. You're allowed support along the way.

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How I Work

I work in a relational way at a pace which enables your personal growth.

I offer unconditional listening. You will be heard without judgement. This alone is an experience that some people have never had. It makes a huge difference and everyone deserves to be heard and understood.

I will accept you for who you are. I will accept, without question, how you feel. I will believe in you; your worries, feelings, ideas and dreams.

What People Say

"Priya is authentic, warm, accepting and perceptive - she makes an impact on all. Her passion for counselling and the values that underpin it on both a personal and professional level shine through and she makes it so much easier for people to relax and connect with others and themselves on a deeper level. She is funny, accepting, empathetic and respectful... and it is just so lovely to work with her again. I’d highly recommend Priya for your counselling needs... She is real, honest and insightful yet gentle and soothing with it. She will challenge you in all the right ways." 
CW, November 2020.

I’d love to hear from you. You won’t regret your recovery.

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Here’s some of the work I do to promote counselling and to campaign for teacher mental health.

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Healing is innate. Counselling supports this.

Sessions cost £55 and last one hour. I will call you at our agreed time each week. There’s no agenda, pressure or expectation of pace.