Top 5 Podcasts

I’m a lover of books and in the last few years, audiobooks too! Listening to a story is a different experience completely with characters, plots and issues coming to life even more than the beauty of the spoken word.

Podcasting has really taken off and become a really popular and sometimes further reaching way to connect, communicate and interact with others.

Just browsing through the lists and topics on Spotify for example, brings up such an array of choices. A new type of window shopping, if you like that kind of thing!

So, here’s my selection of podcasts that I have loved listening to recently. Maybe you’ll find something here that you like the look of too!

My Top 5

1. Diving Inwards with Princess Priya by ME! 👑 📻 💛

Of course this is at the top of my list! I’m proud to be a podcaster and feel I bring variety, fun and insight on different issues I want to raise awareness of. Subjects include, NHS, education, chronic illness, parenting and more.

2. The Panic Pod by Josh Fletcher 😱
is an excellent place for developing a comprehensive understanding of anxiety including how to handle panic attacks. I’ve attended a live talk with Josh who is incredibly informed and knowledgeable, plus a published author on his field of expertise.

3. Two Mr Ps in a Pod(Cast) 🍃
Essential listening for teachers! These two are hilarious and helping many teachers get through these pandemic times.

4. Unlocking Us by Brene Brown🔓
Simply brilliant. Dr Brené Brown has studied shame, vulnerability and other aspects of personal development/self-help. Her books are incredibly popular and have helped millions. Her podcast includes interesting interviews and much insight.

5. Grounded with Louis Theroux 👂

From Ruby Wax to Rylan Clark, his interview style is remarkable! As in his documentaries, Louis raises awareness of how different people live, think and feel, all the while remaining non-judgdemental.

What’s your go-to podcast?

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