Social Justice in Education


What an absolute buzz to speak today at the women in education unconference, as part of a series of events for International Women’s Day.

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Each of the women were real, honest and so brave. Many of us shared that we were nervous and like me, had felt not good enough to be there. The old imposter syndrome is ever present and for me, it gives me the adrenaline and signal that I’m doing something out of my comfort zone.

Priya Burton MBACP

As part of the BACP (British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy) which I am a member of, I adhere to the ethical standards and framework set out. As one of the leading bodies in the UK for counselling professionals, they help protect the public, provide guidance and support to counsellors and raise awareness of the importance of counselling to improve mental health.

The BACP aim to raise the profile of counselling as an increasingly necessary part of mental health provision in society.

Our desire for social justice determines everything we do and guides our relationship with our members and the public, as well as commissioners and government. It’s why we champion the counselling professions as a viable, and increasingly evidence-based choice for people. We know counselling works.

BACP, 2021

Being able to explain my campaign to a profession outside of counselling felt a responsibility and honour today. The response from other speakers and attendees of the event was overwhelmingly positive.

Even more moving were the themes which emerged from us as group of speakers. Mental health and well-being were discussed as paramount for longevity, progression and staff retention. Courage, challenge, showing up, speaking up; all outcomes of self-worth and attention to personal growth, which is often work I do with my clients in private practice. Even the lovely Brené Brown who I have mentioned before in my blogs, was mentioned as her book titles Daring Greatly, Rising Strong and my current favourite, The Power of Vulnerability are all beautiful illustrations of how to harness your bravery and not hide!

I’ve met and connected with so many fantastic women today and been so inspired. I’m pledging to keep campaigning for teacher mental health and hope you’ll support me.

I’ll keep supporting teachers, from the outside, to be their best selves, avoiding burnout and living wholesome, authentic lives.

I hope school leaders, councils and one day government, take this pledge and invest in our teachers too. Let’s change the culture from sacrifice to investment.

Our children should be cared for by teachers who are cared for.

Priya Burton MBACP, 2020.

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