Why teachers quit.

This campaign is specifically for school teachers as other staff fall into a different structure/line management.

Our Heads looks after the teachers and it is the job of our teachers to look after the children.

Schools cannot function if teacher wellbeing is not a consideration and in a fair few schools there exists a toxic environment.

There is a desperate need to focus more on teacher retention and question the high turnover of the profession. A third leave within 5 years of qualifying. Such a huge investment is undertaken to qualify – both personal and financial. They don’t plan to leave when they start.

A culture shift is desperately needed, starting with government because this beautiful profession needs to be properly respected, supported and invested in.

Burnout, stress and chronic overworking have become normal. Teachers are working to the age of retirement less often and recruitment and retention were at their worst, BEFORE the pandemic.

This career needs to be made sustainable again and in order to do that we need to invest in teachers.

This one step alone is significant and will raise awareness to how much our teachers give.

If teachers had time, they would go to the dentist, hair dresser, family events and meet up with friends regularly.

They don’t.

They would have weekends off regularly and switch off from work long enough to balance their mental health.

They can’t.

I want my children to be taught by happy, healthy and balanced teachers who have hobbies, relationships and a life outside of school.


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