Traumatic Births

Becoming a mum is perhaps the most powerful change that happens in a woman’s life. It’s a desire for many, a dream come true for most and an unbearable pain when the path involves tragic loss on the way.

Yet, even when the pregnancy concludes (with all that can entail) the birth experience hardly has a moment to register as life changes in an instant with a new baby to care for.

So powerful and yet realistic for many unfortunately.

At such a momentous time we can find ourselves open to comments, opinions and advice from others.

There are always so many people who have already been there, done it with no problems and made it look easy.

Even the best of intentions can feel overwhelming.

Hearing from other people detracts from an innate ability and from hearing our own way. Learning to drown out the outside voices to tune in to your path can be a great challenge.

Plus, the fear of getting things wrong, panicking when things are hard and being new to this unknown world is daunting. It takes a lot of courage to find your way through and accepting the path not being the one you had expected, can be incredibly difficult.

It’s okay to not know, to be new, to explore different ways of doing things.

Remember, you know your child best. Loved ones will still love you when your boundaries are in place.

Everyone started somewhere.

Not having a birth experience is traumatic for many too as is shown here in this popular social media post from Mother’s Day this year.

Sending love to all women from me at A Space 2 be. Your path is your own.

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