Is there Life after Teaching?

So many teachers feel stuck, stressed and desperately tired. An eroded self esteem, lack of mental space to consider something different and chronic over working add to the belief that there’s no other choice. Is there life after teaching?


5 years on, I still miss it and grieve it but I’m now a psychotherapist and loving it. I didn’t ever consider not being a teacher. For me, it was my forever career. Like a marriage, I signed up for life to be a teacher. For it to be over in my 30s was really devastating to me. Even worse is now knowing that this is not an exception.

I’m campaigning for teacher mental health and that feels like a good way to be involved. Plus I can go back if I ever want/can. I’m not well enough to teach at the moment due to fibromyalgia and disability. Hence, a new career. After 5 years of no salary, now I’ve got an income starting again.

After the dark, always comes the light.

Don’t underestimate your ability to rise anew. You did it once. You can do it again.

Trust yourself to work out the how, logistics, wage transition, etc. Don’t fear having no salary. You will find a way to have money and to get by in different ways. Teachers are creative and resourceful. All teachers were once students!

New life in adverse conditions.

Many teach for a few years now instead of forever. It’s normal yet not talked about. Did you know that one third of teachers leave within five years of qualifying?

Don’t feel guilty about needing something different.

Find your nourishment wherever it may be.

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