Alexa, clean the house!

If only!

How much time and stress would it save? Imagine all that time for self care, right?

The housework can often be last on the list.

But even lower might be your mental health. Are you coping? Do you sometimes wish Alexa could help out with life problems, work stresses, panic, overwhelm, depression?

Alexa can’t. Counselling can.

It’s actually transformative to talk to someone about what’s worrying you. Identifying unhelpful patterns, gaining confidence and learning about what really helps you is potentially, life changing.

It changed my life for the better.

As hard as therapy is, the life long impact is far greater.

Getting the ‘degree of life’ has changed every part of my own life for the better.

I haven’t found anything that compares.

Understanding yourself is powerful.

Having choice, power and self control in draining relationships is a life goal some never achieve. Although our family is a supposed safe place, for many it isn’t. For many, childhood was not emotionally nurturing. When this happens, our development is impaired, the brain forms from these experiences and we carry this into adulthood.

The following article I wrote has been received well by many. Published by Counselling Directory, which I’m no longer listed on, it gives more of a sense of what you can expect from therapy.

10 Ways Therapy Helps

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