I’ve had 2 weddings and 1 baby.

This year, I’ve had two weddings and a baby.

This summer is the roll over of events delayed due to the pandemic. Plus this year’s events too. So, I’ve attended two family weddings and celebrated the arrival of a new neice.

Seeing family and sharing these life events has been even more special after a lengthy lockdown.

I’m appreciating the connections I have with my loved ones more than ever and feeling proud to have come through last years challenges.

Healing from trauma can feel quite like coming out of lockdown too. Connections feel stronger, thoughts are more regulated and relationships thrive.

Trauma is a psychological blockage. Therapy helps remove it. After therapy, the opening up of the brain’s neural pathways will continue.

Getting started is the hardest part for many and that’s why counsellors are trained to work with you at the right pace for you. Just being in therapy is a significant self investment. To get started, you have to decide to take care of yourself. This is tricky when we feel low or don’t see our own strengths.

If mental health was visible or had physical symptoms, you would not hesitate to get treatment.

Don’t wait till things get worse. Get in touch.

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